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Finding The Great Job is the easiest step of your process. Everything afterwards is the complicated part. The key to the entire process is to never give up. There are Great Jobs out there and finding the perfect one for you is something only you can do.

It will require hard work and never-ending dedication to find and keep The Great Job, but if it is something you truly enjoy doing, you will be rewarded for all you put into it.

Get Your Job Search Arsenal Ready

The Great Job will go to the Hunter who is best prepared. As a Hunter, you will need to make sure the best weapons are ready at any time and in any place. Your Resume, Cover Letters, References should all be available on hard copy and in digital format handily. For this purpose, I choose to keep a professional looking padfolio with multiple copies of each with me as often as possible. For digital copies, keep these in a cloud-based location such as Drop-Box, OneDrive or Google Cloud. You can then print or email the documents with ease while on the go.

The Great Job Hunter’s resume is a fluid document. It should be easily revised and ready to adjust keywords or accomplishments as necessary for big game. While keywords should make sense to anyone looking at The Great Hunter’s resume, those same keywords may not be what Applicant Tracking Systems are looking for. Applicant Tracking Systems will unsympathetically weed your resume out of running for an HR department without a human being ever seeing it.

A great Cover Letter may make the difference in any situation where you have a human contact. This document should be fluid as well with the ability to adapt itself to numerous situations to make a Great Job Hunter appealing to the audience.

A good list of accumulated references is always handy to have. References are not requested too often anymore, but what could it hurt. If anything, it works as a great networking tool. Keep adding to that reference list without subtracting. Keep in touch with everyone on it and make sure they know that you are in the hunt. Good friends will prove themselves by giving you leads.

Find the Hunting Grounds – Where to Look for Great Jobs

Jobs are everywhere. Great jobs are much harder to find. They are usually snatched up quickly by internal applicants or they are disguised as a not great job. The key here is to know how to recognize them.

You should first know what companies you want to work for. List them out, then list out why you want to work for them. Check out their web page and see what all they do. Look into their organization structure as much as you can, so you know who you might end up talking to. Use Glassdoor to find how current and former employees feel about working there.

Once you have your list, rank them in the order of your preference. The better you target, the better you will able to prepare for an interview. Make a list of the knowledge you obtain doing your research. Keep it available on your cloud drive as well and keep researching as you continue your search.

Find Great Jobs – The Hunting Grounds

Years ago, the jungle was much more difficult to navigate. Applications would have to be filled out by hand and usually at the location one intended to work. The internet changed the world into a more automated place. Try to make that work as much as possible but do not just apply for every job at the company.

You must use the job tools that company provides you with. Make sure you read or watch all the information they provide about the application process and what working with that company is like. Some companies have a specific process that will give you clues to the type of questions you will be asked in the interview.

Using job sites is a great tool for finding positions at companies that you do not have targeted. Always use the company careers page before looking at job boards, but do not rule the job boards out. They provide insight to what you might be missing with a targeted job search.

LinkedIn has not always been good for searching for jobs, but it is getting better. What one should look for on LinkedIn are word-of-mouth positions. A friend of your friend is looking for someone to run their marketing department. Your friend shares that information to their network – be ready to pounce on it. The job board on LinkedIn is getting better than it has been, but I have found it to put jobs in front of me that I wouldn’t consider in the worst situations.

Networking is the good old standby. You should always be directly involved in your network whether looking for a job or not. Good networking is give-or-take, so The Great Job Hunter needs to provide whatever help to the network as possible, so that help will be given in return. A good network will always provide leads that may end up more lucrative that any other resource out there.

The Great Job Interview – Going In For The Kill

The Great Job Hunters will always get this far, but only one will get The Great Job. This is where your homework will pay off. Impress interviewers with knowledge of the company. Dazzle them with stories of accomplishments… And then, when they are, let them know you want that job.

Your excitement to work with them is what sells The Great Job Hunter. Let them know you enjoy this type of work and are committed to doing the best job possible to make them not regret choosing you. Tell them you are ready to hit the ground running and excited to get started.

Make sure, they do not forget you. Use each interviewer’s name more than once to keep them from forgetting that they like you. Using your interviewer’s name will not only show that you are paying attention to the details but will remind them how much they enjoy hearing their own name. Keep playing on that.

Once the interview is over, the job is not done. ALWAYS send a thank you note. Make it personal and let them know you enjoyed the opportunity to show them your stuff. Use their names again and make sure they don’t forget yours.

Claiming The Trophy

The Great Job Hunt is not for the timid – it takes a Great Hunter to succeed. The Great Job Hunter is always ready for whatever may come his way through preparation, tools, resources and enthusiasm. Prepare correctly and you will win over interviewers and easily claim The Great Job Hunter title.

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  1. Hello there, interesting article and very helpful for people who are not sure of what should they do on job interviews and how to properly apply for the jobs they like.
    In my case its different, I never sent an apply for a job. I was always going straight to a company which I find interesting and I would leave them my CV in personal.

    But that’s just me. Your article is a good “how to” for many people. I’m going to recommend it to everyone.

    Keep up with good work!


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