About The Great Job Hunter

Welcome to The Great Job Hunter.

I grew up with parents that were still in the generation of having one job throughout their lives.  My mom became more of an entrepreneur as she got older, but my dad stuck with his job until retirement.  My story has been quite different.  I went from being a soldier to a student to technical support to telecom to technical support again.  I have had several jobs, but only one that I could have tried to work my entire life at.  That ended in October 2016 with a mass layoff.

Now, I am back in technical support again, but I am working hard to expand my abilities and maybe help some other people with what I have learned along the way.  I hated the uncertainty of every day and don’t want others to feel the same.

I wish you all luck and prosperity in your search – and remember, always Be Real.

Colby Stapp